UFOs and aliens: what happens in Valmalenco?

It goes back a few days ago the latest in a long series of sightings.

There is a corner of Italy, which seems to have become the epicenter of disturbing close encounters of the third kind. You Valmalenco, in the province of Sondrio, affected for years by a series of mysterious sightings. To impress, as well as the growing number of witnesses, it is also the type of reports very consistent if not overlapping. The last case was only a week ago.

UFOs and aliens



The local press speaks, publishing stories and photos of this phenomenon observed by several people in different parts of the area within two hours. On 25 November, between 17.30 and 19.30, at least 7 have indeed noticed a bright light moving in the sky changing colors of the Valtellina. The first shot, made with a smartphone, portrays a luminous ball in the sky, above the Tower of Santa Maria. According to the eyewitness, it went from blue to red and white.

Then it was the turn of the capital: the same object is immortalized – rebuild “The Province of Sondrio” – at 18.33 on the square of the railway station and then, 15 minutes later, it is seen speeding in the direction of the Valmalenco. It’s not over. A minute later, another citizen and photographer photographed it in Castel Masegna at 18:59.

And then again: at 19:05, 19:10, and 19:26.  A light from the lens-shaped recovery comes again in different areas of Torre Santa Maria. In these pictures, below the unidentified flying object, small circular lights aligned can be seen. Among the many witnesses, one comes forward with name and surname: Mr. Ottavio Marangoni, manager of a shelter in Ponte Lanzada, who reported seeing the strange pulsating sphere even the day before.

“A big light, very strong, that comes and goes and changes color all the time,” he told reporters in almost direct by calling the local newspaper. “I’ve never seen anything like it, except for yesterday, always at 17 o’clock. I took a telescope to observe it better: in fact, it is really a ball of light. Even my partner was stunned.” The man took the matter so seriously as to have immediately contacted the police who have come to the shelter to see for themselves the phenomenon.

Even the police should be accustomed by now: they have been dozens in recent months, reports of strange objects suspended in the sky. The images that depict them are surprisingly very similar: they have an oblong – disc shape – but they have also often those little balls in the bottom reminiscent of the spaceships seen so much in the cinema. It was just like the UFO captured in November 2011 by a 20 year-old remained anonymous, had seen while “scanned” with a laser from the tower of the church of Lanzada.

But then cases have been repeated and multiplied. To observe those unknown objects were pensioners and students, truck drivers and restaurant owners, tourists and locals. Recently, a special TG3 Lombardia sought and interviewed some witnesses. As Luciano Dell’Andrino said: it was 1990 when I sighted from the balcony of the house, a lucent ball moving in the sky, changing color; after a while it disappeared towards Pizzo Steps. And this looks that Valmalenco, it really is top of the focal point of the whole affair.


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