“I’m an astronaut, not a celebrity’

A few days after the returning of the Italian astronaut of ESA, she answers questions from reporters gathered at the Italian headquarters of ASI, and she claims to be first of all an astronaut at the service of research and science. The first thing she made after the returning? A shower and then a nice big and fresh salad.
He claims not to have had any particular problems in these few days of returning from the International Space Station despite 200 days in microgravity. Samantha Cristoforetti in connection to Houston answers questions from journalists Italians greeted at the headquarters of the Italian Space.


Credit: ESA

He admits, however, that there have been “sitting” for seven months means that there are “so many parts of my body that wake,” but also “not to have moments of nausea” and able “to walk quite well now.” But at first, he admits astronaut del’ESA “I felt as heavy as 500 tons.”
Two hundred days on the International Space Station is a great experience, but “it is too early to say what I have left of that period. It’s an experience that takes time to process it, “says Samantha Cristoforetti. “At times, I feel to be still on the ISS, at other times it seems to me that it was all a dream,” he adds.
What is certain is that the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti claims that his job is the astronaut, and not the celebrities answering those who asked for the debate on its role in the communication of his mission: “This experience media will end” now that she’s back on Earth . “Experience is great, we live within. It just tells it. But the experience of media will continue within reason, then will end. ” And above all: “I lent my hands and my eyes to science, I served science.” “The astronauts – continued Samantha – they are not real but scientists working in tandem with the scientific community.” “Now I do a little ‘guinea pig and certainly the research I’ve conducted may have implications for the health and lives of people on Earth.” “In addition to the data before the flight, the data will now be collected post flight and I – still Cristoforetti said – after saying goodbye to my closest relatives, I was immediately put in the hands of researchers here in Houston.”
But there is also time for some curiosity as the first thing impossible to do in space and that it is made just returned to Earth: A shower.


Credit: ESA

The long-awaited shower took place in Scotland, during one of the two-stop flight that brought her and her American colleague Terry Virts from Kazakhstan to Houston. “The first shower I had to do sitting in a chair. For an astronaut it is very dangerous to make it a standing just returned from space after a long stay. ” The second wish made on Earth impossible Space was a fresh meal: “A nice big salad with tuna, nuts and tomato.”

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