Black Hole Sun

One of the most mind-blowing and elusive phenomenons which never stops fascinating us, is the existence of black holes. What are they? How did they come to be? What happens inside the black hole? These are all legitimate questions, but, unfortunately, scientists have yet to provide solid answers. However, even though this article won’t help you unlock of one the greatest secrets of the universe, the information we’re about to present might introduce you to some interesting facts that escaped you until now. Also, it can come in handy if you’re at a dinner party with a bunch of astronomers and you don’t wanna feel left out.




Although most people attribute the discovery of black holes to Albert Einstein, who did in fact revive the theory in 1916, it was John Mitchell who originally introduced the concept back in 1783. He built his theory of black holes around Newton’s theory that light consists of small material particles, called photons. Mitchell wonderered how the movement of these particles is influenced by the gravitational pull of the stars they are escaping, and what would happen to them if the gravitational force was so strong that it could prevent light from escaping.

A black hole is essentially a large dying star, which begins to collapse under its own gravity. If the mass of the star is sufficiantly large, the gravitational pull will make it shrink to the size of a tiny atom, known as the singularity, or a black hole. There are several kinds of black holes. Different variations include spinning black holes, electrical black holes, and black holes that are both at the same time. Regular black holes grow by swallowing matter, and spinning black holes are created by merging two of them. They put out even more energy, and can act as particle accelerators, because nothing in their close proximity can stand still or orbit slowly.



Black holes are not infinitely small, but they need to hold an incredible amount of mass in a space small enough to have the gravity powerful to pull light in. To illustrate this better, if you were to create a black hole with a mass of Earth, the entire planet would have to be squeezed to a space that has the diameter of just 9 millimeters. We have already mentioned that photons near the black hole get pulled in by the gravity. If you were to place an object instead of the photon, like a rocket more powerful that the gravity of the black hole, it could escape the pull, until it reaches the event horizon, which is an area of the black hole where any kind of escape is impossible, because an object would have to move faster than the speed of light, which is impossible too. That is the “black” part of the black hole, even though black holes are essentially invisible, which is why they are so hard to detect, and scientist identify them by observing the behavior of other object around the potential black hole. Since no light can escape, all we see an empty area we call the black hole.

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